Our services for schematic design and layouting for are fit for clients with tight deadlines and limited access to resources for manufacturing and testing their schematics.

No matter if your project includes cable assembly or PCBs for prototypes, small or large and complex series, we will take the Production for Manufacturing (DFM) principles into account. Our services vary from basic designs to complex, multi-layered PCBs.

We have over 18 years of experience in electronic design, fast and responsive process for layouting and constructive feedback from our supply department. We can assure you of the feasibility of the PCB Assembly even before building the first prototype.

Our solutions for schematic capture and PCB design include:
  1. High Frequency, RF Designs
  2. High Speed Digital Designs
  3. Multiple layers, rigid, flex and rigid-flex
  4. Low EMI Design for sensitive applications, according to standards
  5. Blind and buried vias
  6. Power supply applications
  7. Analogue designs
  8. Reverse engineering
  9. Standard or less than standard shaped boards
  10. Support for various CAD applications files
Design for Manufacturing Services
  1. Schematic design for electronic modules
  2. Bill of materials development (BOM)
  3. Board profile, stencil profile, CAM data generation
  4. Divided ground planes, differential pairs, high-speed rules
  5. Routing according to customer’s specification,
  6. Component repositioning based on location, reverse annotation to schemati
Full documentation
Our projects come with full documentation of board layers, bill of materials, production & assembly drawings, stencil profiles, CAM, PDF, Gerber, Excel and CAD databiles files.
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