Before offering full EMS services, we started in 1993 with PCB repairs for mining industrial equipment. We have been executing this services successfully for over 25 years and we have extended it to cover revisions, rework, reconditioning and modernization, for both our products as well as our clients’.

Situations that warrant SMD and THT repairs and rework for PCBs:

  • You’re not sure why a component isn’t working
    Although you’ve tested it, a component isn’t working. Our engineers can analyse your PCB schematics and layouts to unravel the cause.
  • Your model isn’t working
    Either your project needs utilizing a component incompatible with the PCB, or you’re reached a compromise because you have technical difficulties in supplying some components, our design and supply teams will analyse the original specs and compare them with the device. In this case, we’ll support you in identifying the right components.
  • Your product is not according to your expectations
    Sometimes, although your product is functioning correctly, you may still see room for improvement. Whether it isn’t sufficiently optimized in terms of size, speed or costs– our production and development teams have the right experience to offer you assistance for improving certain aspects of your product, having it improved according to your expectations.
  • Your product becomes faulty on site
    At times, a single component can compromise an entire series. The equipment we use in production allows us to settle these issues rapidly and efficiently, pinpointing faulty or compromised components and removing these.
  • Your product is yet to reach the final customer, but requires revision or repair
    We offer last-minute hardware or software rework for your final client.
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