Products designed to withstand harsh environments like those for industrial use need protection through conformal coating. We offer automatic conformal coating, non-atomized, which allows us to apply the coating with a viscosity of less than 100 centipoise.
Thickness of protection layers varies between 0.5 and 8 mils for solvent-based materials and between 4 and 8 mils for 100% solid materials. With a 99% transfer efficiency, coating offers maximal optimization at minimal costs.

The process of conformal coating has numerous advantages:

  • Material is being applied in layers in a controlled manner, eliminating the losses and unwanted coating associated with the atomized process
  • Reduces the need for subsequent processing
  • The coating application process takes place within an enclosed, ventilated environment.
  • Excellent coating capacity, due to the five-axis motion system
  • A wide range of dispensing nozzles is available, with sizes ranging from 6,35 to 19,05 mm, each having a 0,792 mm tolerance.
  • Covers coating boards measuring up to 457 x 387 mm, ensuring conformal protection of even high-complexity boards in a manner of seconds.
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