Our series products are designed and developed exclusively within our company.

Covered fields:

  • Monitoring and Control systems for industrial processes.
  • Industrial Automation with various types of sensors, real time data acquisition and processing, actuations, data communication across various lengths, embedded systems.
  • Location and Tracking with GPS-GPRS location and tracking system with map display.
  • Remote control or alarm systems via GSM network.
  • Microcontroller systems – Ultra low power microcontroller-based systems for data acquisition, processing, local storage and remote transmission, on various supports such as: RS232, RS485, GSM, GPRS, dial-up modems, ADSL, etc.
  • Data acquisition and processing involving barcode scanners, PDAs, pocket PCs, with remote data transmission.
  • Display for indoors and outdoors, monochrome and full color LED image or text display systems.
  • Detection and calibration for gas and electricity meters
  • Metering and monitoring with remote transmission; RF modules for remote data transmission.
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