We offer you complete services, from layouting and product design to prototyping, integration, production and testing. We therefore maintain your costs at a very low level, every process being internally coordinated. We can, however, become involved in any of these stages – it’s up for you to decide.

We have a very clear process when it comes to customized products. We start from your request, we transpose the specifications into functional hardware and software components, we evaluate the performance of the product and support the production through complete documentation. Our process works like this:

  • We start from the design specifications
  • We use the current available technical documentation
  • We compare it to an existing project/prototype
  • We offer reverse engineering services

Frequently asked questions

What does custom product development involve?
We start with a preliminary technical project, to evaluate the feasibility and costs. This option involved non-recurring engineering (NRE), which are one time costs associated with product development, but with maximum return value through production costs, because of our experience. Then we move on to prototyping. The design specifications will be available to you within 1 to 5 weeks, followed by the product within 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the complexity. We will make sure all the rework and revisions will be done with minimal to no extra costs.

What if a technical documentation, a project or a prototype are already available?
In this case, we will perform an evaluation depending on the availableness of these. These will be analysed in order to achieve cost reduction and improvement of reliability and efficiency of production. According to your requests, we can implement revisions and adjustments or add additional characteristics.

Is reverse engineering possible?
Our experience in both electronic development and production fields allows us to provide analysis and reverse engineering services for electronic components and assemblies, for situations in which:

  • Obsolete PCB assemblies need to be replaced or updated or for which there are no schematics and/or documentations available
  • The PCB assembly documentation needs to be reproduced
  • PCB layouts which are no longer available need to be reproduced
  • Obsolete PCB assemblies need to be re-designed according to current standards
  • Obsolete components need to be identified/replaced
  • The product’s strengths, weaknesses and limitations need to be identified
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