Our mission is to provide projection, testing and assembly services of a high quality and a low price for our customers.

Management principles

  • Client-oriented services by orienting our support and expertise towards achieving customer’s goals
  • Employee-oriented organisation, because success is determined by our employees.
  • Permanent integrity and transparency in the activity process.
  • Consolidation and mutual support between partners,suppliers and distributors.
  • Continuous innovation and evolution, an integrated part of our company.
  • Highest quality standards, which need to exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • Efficient results by ensuring a complete range of services through our own resources.
  • Flexibility, given the production volume, project’s complexity and personalization of our clients’ needs.


Our responsibility is directed towards our clients, employees, suppliers, community and environment. Given this aspect, we firmly stand by our commitment to apply the principles and directives from the company’s quality manual, and assure that all our personnel knows and adheres to the management principles.

Safety and trust between employees

We ensure a safe, equitable, productive and satisfying work environment by supporting employees’ rights and supporting equality and non-discrimination principles. We wish to offer educational opportunities, training and promotions. Also, we encourage communication between employees with the help of transparent internal communication systems. Last but not least, we emphasise on protecting health, safety and integrity of our employees.

Ethics and correctness
All activities must be performed in an ethical and responsible manner, by applying the correctness and professionalism principles, as well as by supporting our community where we perform our activities, offering employment opportunities. Furthermore, we wish to minimise the environmental impact of our activities, by training our personnel according to the environmental protection legislation.

We encourage our contractors and suppliers to adhere to the same principles by consolidating long term bonds and making sure that each one of our contractors and suppliers adhere to the well-known standards. We desire to become a responsible supplier for our customers by applying all safety and quality standards and principles as electronic manufacturers.

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