Who are we

EBS Electric Group reunites the experience gathered by Electro Promex, BKD Electronic and STI Electronic. We’ve been producing, assembling and testing components and industrial and household electronic equipment for over 25 years.

Our history

Our story started în 1993, once with the establishment of Electro Promex, offering service and equipment and industrial machinery maintenance. In the beginning, we were specialised in the mining industry from Valea Jiului. Soon afterwards, we started producing our own equipment.
BKD Electronic was born 6 years later, and with the new brand, we inaugurated our own electronic production factory. At this stage, we started delivering Romanian customers electronic manufacturing services with PCB Assembly using automated equipment. Shortly after that, we started production for European customers.

Once the new millennium started, we steered our vision towards offering complete services of design, development, production and testing. În 2004 we founded STI Electronic, which contained a research department and the first electromagnetic compatibility testing laboratory of a private company in Romania.

Two years before Romania adhering to the EU, we already had open doors towards important European customers. That’s when we decided to fund Electro Promex srl & Co KEG Austria, with the headquarters in Linz. The demand has soon exceeded our capabilities of electronic production, determining us to invest in a new PCB assembly line and production equipment.


Our production activity is being performed in a recently built ultra-modern factory. Also, we own a cable cable and wiring factory în Baia de Criș, Brad. The versatile specialisation allows us to reach the highest standards regarding production and development, allowing us to offer intelligent and optimised solutions, at prices below the market.
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