Now a full EMS provider, EBS Electric Group┬ástarted its activity by offering repair services for equipment used in the mining industry. A successful activity which we perform for over 20 years, extended to cover not solely repair services, but also revision, re-processing, reconditioning and upgrade, both for our own range of products on the market, as well as for our customers’ products.

Through our electronic manufacturing departments, our IPC trained staff carrying out manual assembly, development and supply departments, we can perform a complex analysis of electronic and electrical modules, devices and systems and carry out repairs and re-processing on the SMD and THT assembled PCBs, for any of the situations when:

You are not sure why a component does not work

Although you’ve carried out tests and are aware that a component is not working, you cannot find the reason why. Our engineers will analyse the original schematics and PCB layout, to discover the cause.

Your model is not working

Whether your product requires the use of a component which is not compatible with the PCB or you’ve reached a compromise because you’re having difficulties in sourcing certain components, our development and supply teams will analyse the original specifications and compare these with the device, pinpointing the issue and supporting you in finding adequate components, which would not affect the integrity of the initial model.

Your product is not according to expectations

Sometimes, although your product is functioning correctly, you may still see room for improvement. Whether this fails to fulfil certain requirements, is not sufficiently compact or costs too much to produce – our production and development teams have the right experience to offer you assistance for improving certain aspects of your product, having it improved according to your expectations.

Your product becomes faulty on site

At times, a single component can compromise an entire series. The equipment we use in production allows us to settle these issues rapidly and efficiently, pinpointing faulty or compromised components and removing these.

Your product has yet to reached the final customer, yet requires revision or repair

– whether a hardware or a software revision or a last-hour requirement by your customer, determining the need for making changes.