EBS Electric Group has extensive experience in developing and implementing testing solutions and techniques, for assuring the conformity of products with the electronic industry's standards. Our solutions allow for the inspection and assurance of both the product's quality and functionality, as well as the integrity of the electronic assembly process.

Our complex technical evaluations are based on the following considerents:

  • 1Product design requirements
  • 2Testing requirements

  • 3Component types
  • 4Product complexity level

  • 5Manufacturing process
  • 6Product age

  • 7Ramifications of product's lifespan
By evaluating the above factors in detail, we can approximate events which may occur during the electronic manufacturing process - a key factor, generating productivity and reliability for our customers' products.

Full testing solutions

Automated Optical Inspection - AOI

Carried out immediately after the assembly of components on the PCB, the automated optical inspection allows for:
  • quickly and accurately identifying faults in the quality of boards during early stages: lack or wrong placement of components, quality issues regarding the volume and shape of solders, short-circuits between finepitch component pins, etc.; with the help of OCR (optical character recognition) function, codes displayed by components can be recognised, thus ensuring that components or certain value or type are placed at the right location. This has a significant cost-related importance, especially when on the board, small components such as of 0603 / 0402 type are present, where a possible rework or replacement would require significant time and costs.
  • error detection - detecting errors in the solder printing, component placing and soldering within the reflow oven process. Insufficient or excess solder on components can be detected, which can be corrected by choosing a different stencil thickness or building a variable thickness stencil (recess stencil). Analysing the shape of soldering can determine the choice of a different oven temperature profile or soldering times.

Functional testing

EBS Electric Group offers customized functional testing solutions, using our in-house software and National Instrument libraries, as well as hardware solutions of rack & stack type. Our services include consultancy and assistance during initial product development phases, for evaluating testability.

Functional testing elements:

  • Test fixture: EBS Electric Group produces these bed-of-nails testing adaptors which are manufactured for each type of PCB board separately.
  • Software: testing softwares are developed by us, for controlling the testing system and improving testing capabilities.
All these solutions are part of our Design for Test strategy. Errors found during the first production stages or during prototype development lead to better layout optimization, as well as decrease in production costs or possible errors in product operation.