For products designed to operate in harsh environments, whether for military, medical, transport or industrial use, the solution is protection of PCB assemblies by conformal coating.

By having surface insulation applied to them, the assembled PCBs maintain surface insulation resistance for a long time, thus ensuring the product’s integrity and operability. The coating material provides a barrier against contaminations within the operating environment, thus preventing corrosion and increasing the reliability of assembled PCB, therefore reducing potential future costs and ultimately, increasing the product’s lifespan.

Our non-atomized, automatic conformal coating system allows for the application of protective materials with a viscosity of less than 100 centipoise. Thickness of protection layers varies between 0.5 and 8 mils for solvent-based materials and between 4 and 8 mils for 100% solid materials.

With a 99% transfer efficiency, the use of coating material is optimized to the fullest, therefore keeping the losses at minimum and reducing the costs considerably.

The non-atomized coating process has a number of advantages. Material is being applied in layers in a controlled manner, eliminating the losses and unwanted coating associated with the atomized process, reducing the need for subsequent processing. The coating application process takes place within an enclosed, ventilated environment.

The excellent coating capacity is due to the five-axis motion system, allowing for a complete cover of all the components’ surfaces. A wide range of dispensing nozzles is available, with sizes ranging from 6,35 to 19,05 mm, each having a 0,792 mm tolerance.

The dispensing area’s size allows for coating boards measuring up to 457 x 387 mm, ensuring conformal protection of even high-complexity boards in a manner of seconds.