Efficient solutions for prototyping and zero series production

The production of prototypes and zero series is a vital stage in the project development – not just for proofing the design but also for highlighting potential problems early in the development stage and for validating the manufacturing data as well. Excellent communication between the development, production and testing departments is carried out directly and efficiency – within the same company – an essential element for ensuring that the development process are in accordance with your project plan.

A prototype must accurately prove your idea, but also involve low production costs and fast turnaround.

Our solution involves:
  • Identifying the goals a prototype must fulfil
  • Developing the associated hardware and software components for producing the prototype
  • Direction and support in choosing the electrical and mechanical elements (cases, enclosures, panels etc.)
  • Product assembly
  • Confirming that the prototype runs according to the key parameters
  • Testing and calibration
  • Logistic support in selecting the materials and components for optimizing the costs of mass production
  • Technical support for clearing hardware and software issues


Our experience and capabilities in prototype and zero series production production add to important benefits for you:
  • Proving various stages of the design
  • A visual and physical example of the product being built
  • Evaluation of the product’s assembly techniques at early stages, in order to evaluate the production costs
  • Generating DFM (Design for Manufacture) and DFT (Design for Testing) feedback
  • EMC controls for obtaining approvals and certifications
  • Reduction of production costs, by prototype optimisation for subsequent mass production, thus avoiding multiple production initiation costs (tooling and stencils and should you choose to have the mass production done by us – associated costs for configuring and programming the assembly equipment).