Our schematic designing and PCB layouting services are part of our complete new product development and on-demand product development solutions, while also suitable for customers involved in electronic engineering activities, with tight deadlines and limited access to resources for further implementing their schematics, for manufacturing and testing.

Whether your project involves printed circuit boards for prototypes, low-series or high-series and complex production, you can count on us for design services according to Design for Manufacturing (DFM) practices.

With development, production, logistics and supply departments all within the same company, we have refined our development methods as well as the entire product manufacturing process, with multiple benefits for you – regardless if you further choose us for the PCB assembly or not:


  • 17 years of experience in electronic design
  • fast and efficient design process
  • constructive feedback from the production and supply department. You will learn if the printed circuit board we’re designing is truly feasible – even before the first prototype

Our highly capable team of PCB designers provide design services for printed circuit boards varying from simple, single layered, to highly complex, multi-layered ones. We use the latest design tools and applications in the industry, applying state-of-the-art technologies which allow us to offer excellent quality and fast design times.

Our solutions for schematic capture and printed circuit boards design include:
  • High Frequency, RF Designs
  • High Speed Digital Designs
  • Multiple layers, rigid, flex and rigid-flex
  • Low EMI Design for sensitive applications, according to standards
  • Blind and buried vias
  • Power supply applications
  • Analogue designs
  • Reverse engineering
  • Standard or less than standard shaped boards
  • Support for various CAD applications files


Design for Manufacturing Services
  • Schematic capturing
  • Bill of materials development (BOM)
  • Board profile, stencil profile, CAM data generation
  • Divided ground planes, differential pairs, high-speed rules
  • Routing according to customer’s specification,
  • Component repositioning based on location, reverse annotation to schematic


Full documentation
  • Schematic capture file
  • Full documentation of board layers
  • Bill of materials
  • Production & assembly drawings
  • Stencil profiles, CAM data files
  • PDF files with all drawings for digital documentation
  • Gerber, text and Excel files
  • CAD database files