EBS Electric Group combines its abilities and experience in the field of software development for microcontroller-based systems with the latest technology, in order to provide our customers and partners with efficient solutions, at affordable prices.

Our range of solutions for software development includes:

  • Dedicated systems with real time, simple or complex microcontrollers, for data and images acquisition and processing, serial, USB, Ethernet communication, symmetric or asymmetric data encryption.
  • Computer applications for dedicated widely used operating systems such as Linux and Windows.
  • Drivers for integrating equipment for dedicated, open source (Linux) or Windows platform-based (PC, embedded) operating systems.

Software design - development


  • 1Consultancy services

    in the software application field

  • 2Specific programs

    For the remote management and control of hardware modules made by ATEC

  • 3Compilers design

    and integrated development environment design for microcontrollers made by ATEC

  • 4Turnkey programs

    using customer’s specifications.

Target devices and protocols:

  • Microcontrollers: Atmel, PIC, ST, Texas Instruments, Zilog, as well as 32-bit microcontrolelrs of the M3 Cortex family
  • DSP: TI, Motorola, Analog Device