As an experienced supplier of complete electronic production services, we understand how important is to provide flexible and innovative processes for the supply chain management, which can make a difference on the competitive market. Regardless of requirements: full or partial supply or added assembly services – with assembly-ready kits provided by customer – our departments in Romania and Austria offer you efficient supply chain management solutions.

We’ve built solid collaborative relationships with our worldwide supply partners, allowing us to reduce the procurement costs and increase the supply chain competitiveness, while at the same time maintaining high quality and deliverability standards. Thus, the value of our partnership with our suppliers is maximized for the benefit of our customers.


  • 1Low procurement costs

    Well established collaborative relationships with worldwide suppliers. Procurement departments in Romania and Austria.

  • 2Procurement capacity

    Active, passive, electromechanical components, PCBs.

  • 3Procurement consultancy

    In-house technical staff for advising you on component obsolescence, hard-to-find components, availability issues and alternatives.

  • 4Excess inventory management

    Recovery of excess inventory for streamlining the procurement processes

Management of suppliers

We select and classify our suppliers using well defined criteria – efficiency and high quality services, experience and references, price/performance ratio, quality of logistics and technical support.

Management of obsolete components

On the semiconductor market, each year a great amount of components are classified as obsolete. Managing these parts require constant attention. EBS Electric Group works closely with key partners, to be able to supply our customers with up-to-date and detailed information. With processes in place for identifying components classified as obsolete, end of life components or having long lead-time, we can analyse and plan the transition towards replacement parts or identify reliable distributors.

Excess inventory management

As both electronic manufacturing services providers and product developers, the management of excess inventory represents a priority for us, helping to streamline the procurement processes and providing high quality services to our customers. We therefore collaborate with partners helping us to recover and efficiently manage the excess inventory. We refine this process continuously and are always seeking to extend the excess inventory network. For more details on our excess inventory, please contact us.