Our solution is adapted to offer you full services, from conceptualization to solutions assessment, design and development, prototyping or integration, production and testing. This approach allows us to maintain low costs for our services, with all the processes being coordinated within the same company. We can, however, become involved in any of these stages - it's up for you to decide.

For customized products, we've created a product development service where we develop, manufacture and test equipment and sub-assemblies following customers' request, with the following approaches:
  • 1Starting with the design specifications
  • 2Using the available technical documentation

  • 3Using an existing project and/or prototype
  • 4Offering reverse engineering services

We work alongside you in order to:

  • Draft the product requirements
  • Turn the requirements into functional hardware and software components
  • Evaluate the product’s performance and reliability
  • Support product manufacturing with full documentation


What does custom product development involve?

The first stage in turing an idea into a product is the achievement of a viable technical project. When you approach us for developing a product based on a design which is compatible with our area of expertise, we will develop a preliminary technical project, in order to evaluate the costs and feasibility. This option involves NRE, one-time costs (non-recurring engineering) associated with product development, having a maximum recovery potential through manufacturing costs – due to our experience as an electronic manufacturing services supplier. The following stage is to develop and manufacture the prototype. The detailed design specifications shall be made available for the customer within 1 to 5 weeks, with the prototype being made available – depending on the project’s complexity – within 4 up to 12 weeks. Prototypes will be sent to you for evaluation and feedback. In most cases, revisions and additions will be implemented without additional development or tooling costs – we will do our best so that costs for these revisions and additions, when necessary, would be the lowest possible.


What if a technical documentation, a project or a prototype are already available?

As we’ve stated – it’s up to you to decide at what stage do we get involved. If you already have a technical documentation, a project or a prototype ready, we will perform an evaluation depending on the availableness of these. These will be analysed in order to achieve cost reduction and improvement of reliability and efficiency of production. According to your requests, we can implement revisions and adjustments or add additional characteristics.


Is reverse engineering possible?

Yes. Our experience in both electronic development and production fields allows us to provide analysis and reverse engineering services for electronic components and assemblies, for situations in which:

  • obsolete PCB assemblies need to be replaced or updated or for which there are no schematics and/or documentations available
  • the PCB assembly documentation needs to be reproduced
  • PCB layouts which are no longer available need to be reproduced
  • obsolete PCB assemblies need to be re-designed according to current standards
  • obsolete components need to be identified/replaced
  • the product’s strengths, weaknesses and limitation need to be identified.