Our range of products, developed and manufactured entirely within our company, meets demands of the following fields:

  • 1Monitoring and Control

    Monitoring and control systems for industrial processes

  • 2Industrial Automation

    Various types of sensors, real time data acquisition and processing, actuations, data communication across various lengths, embedded systems

  • 3Location and Tracking

    GPS-GPRS location and tracking system, with map display

  • 4Remote control, waning

    Warning or remote control systems via GSM network

  • 5Microcontroller systems

    Ultra low power microcontroller-based systems for data acquisition, processing, local storage and remote transmission, on various supports such as: RS232, RS485, GSM, GPRS, dial-up modems, ADSL, etc.

  • 6Data acquisition and processing

    Field data acquisition and processing systems involving barcode scanners, PDAs, pocket PCs, with remote data transmission.

  • 7Display

    Indoor and outdoor, monochrome and full color LED image or text display systems.

  • 8Detection and metering

    Detection/metering systems for gas and electricity meters

  • 9Metering and monitoring

    Electricity metering and monitoring systems, with remote transmission; RF modules for remote data transmission.