Management Policy

Our mission is to provide Electronic Subcontracting Solutions and comprehensive, efficient, cost-effective Electrical Products, to a degree of quality and efficiency exceeding our customers' expectations.

Management Principles

our core values
  • 1

    Customer-oriented services
    Our purpose is to provide value to our customers.

  • 2

    Employee-oriented organization
    Our success is determined by our employees.

  • 3

    Constant transparency in conducting our activites.

  • 4

    ConsolidationEstablishing mutually advantageous relationships with our suppliers and distributors.

  • 5

    Constant innovation and evolution
    An integral part of our company

  • 6

    The highest quality standards
    Exceeding our customers' expectations.

  • 7

    Efficient results
    Providing a full range of services, through our our resources.

  • 8

    Small volumes, mixed complexity, maximum customization.


Our responsibility is towards our customers, employees, suppliers, community and environment. Therefore, our firm commitment is for:

Supporting the management principles by:
  • applying the principles and directives of our company's quality manual
  • ensuring that our entire staff is acquainted with and adheres to the management principles

Ensuring a safe, equitable, productive and satisfactory working environment by:
  • supporting our employees' rights
  • supporting the principles of equality and non-discrimination
  • providing education, training and promotion opportunities for our employees
  • protecting the health, safety and integrity of our employees
  • encouraging communication between employees via transparent internal communication systems

Carrying out our activities in an ethical and responsible manner by:
  • applying the principles based on fairness, loyalty, professionalism and dignity

Supporting the community in which we carry out our activities, by:
  • providing local employment opportunities

Minimising the impact of our activities on the environment by:
  • ensuring that our entire staff is acquainted with and applies the environmental protection legislation

Encouraging our contractors and suppliers to adhere to the same principles by:
  • fostering long-term relationships with our contractors and suppliers
  • ensuring that all our contractors and supplies have acknowledged standards (ISO etc.) implemented

Be a responsible supplier for our customers by:
  • applying all safety and quality standards and principles in our electronic production process