Constant evolution

EBS Electric Group represents the cumulated effort in over 20 years of activity of the companies Electro Promex, BKD Electronic and STI Electronic in providing electronic production, assembly and testing services, as well as in developing electrical and electronic equipment for industrial and domestic environments.


Electro Promex

We've started in 1993 by setting up Electro Promex, providing repair and maintenance services for electrical and electronic equipment used in industrial environments, preponderantly in the mining industry in Jiu Valley, Romania. Soon, we were producing our own equipment, meeting the demands of these industries.


BKD Electronic

In 1999, with the establishment of BKD Electronic, our activity as a small producer has extended. We've set up our own electronic production facility, introducing the automatic PCB assembly and providing electronic manufacturing services to our Romanian customers. Soon, we were doing manufacturing for the first European customers.


STI Electronic

STI Electronic was established in 2004, following our quest in providing full design, development, production and testing services. We've set up a department dedicated solely for research, design and development activities and invested in what was to become the first electromagnetic compatibility testing laboratory of an entirely privately owned company in Romania.


Electro Promex srl & Co KEG Austria

We continued to invest and extend. Within 2 years of Romania joining the EU, already working with a few prominent European customers, we decided to extend our services on the European market, by establishing Electro Promex srl & Co KEG in 2005, with headquarters in Linz, Austria. Soon, with the request for electronic manufacturing services exceeding our production capacities, we decided to invest in a new PCB assembly line and additional production equipment.


Petrosani - Brad - Linz

We recently moved in a newly built production facility, while starting the cable assembly production in our facility in Baia de Cris, Brad. All these capacities allow us to test, automate and perfect the production and development processes, up to the smallest details - allowing us to provide intelligent and optimised solutions at competitive prices.