EBS Electric Group represents an integrated group of companies, with headquarters in Romania and Austria, providing full electronic manufacturing services, product development and turnkey technical solutions for industrial and domestic automation, oil and mining industries and energy industry applications.
In over 20 years of experience, our activities have extended and evolved, meeting the technical demands of our customers. Today, our electronic manufacturing solutions include full electronic components supply, PCB assembly, conformal coating, cable assembly, functional testing and rework, while at the same time having the capacity and experience for turning your ideas into actual technical solutions, through our services providing product development: prototyping, schematic designing & layouting, software applications development for microcontrollers.

  • 120 years of experience in product development

    In over 20 years of activities, we have developed, produced, tested and sold over 100 types of electronic and electrical equipment with applications ranging from industrial and domestic automations, mining and oil and energy industry.

  • 215 years of experience in electronic manufacturing

    While we have perfected the full electronic manufacturing services supply; we serve customers from more than half of European countries.

  • 3Our own EMC testing laboratory

    Expertise and technical equipping for testing the electromagnetic compatibility.

  • 4Included delivery

    We run our own delivery service and deliver all over Europe.

Our complete solutions

Excess electronic components inventory

We employ best practices in the surplus & excess electronic components inventory management. Please Contact us to discuss further.